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Crisps & Crackers Signature Bundle - (12 Pack)

Crisps & Crackers Signature Bundle - (12 Pack)

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Gourmet, not just low carb

Every disc is meticulously crafted from the finest ingredients to provide you with a crunch so strong it’s almost sharp and a tangy taste that coats the back of your throat in savoury satisfaction.

Feel full and smile like you had a cheese toasty or lovely Sunday roast, we promise you these snacks are addictive.

Snacking upgraded

Pure Cheese Crisps are perfect for people with diabetes and anyone following keto or low carb / low sugar diets as well as paleo, gluten free and vegetarian diets.

Our innovative healthy crisps are baked not fried, all natural, free from preservatives and have more protein than any other crisp on the market.

Looking for the crunch without the carbs? And want the protein?

Enjoy a light snack that tastes great and packs a solid protein and calcium boost.

Each 20g packet contains two extra large and filling crunchy cheese crackers making it great for portion control and awesome for keto and for carnivores that need a grab and go low calorie treat.

Do you love salty snacks, love crunchy snacks and love cheese?

Indulge in the ultimate cheesy delight. You will still be tasting our tangy cheese crackers long after you eat them.

The sharp cheddar flavour that comes through with every bite together with a crunch loud enough to register on the Richter scale will have you hooked.

Are you prepared to fight the next hunger attack?

Have portable super food instead of fast food, keep them in your bag and your car and never worry about being hungry again.

Whether you are starved at work stuck at your desk or walking a trail in need of quick energy boost Pure Cheese Crackers are the perfect healthier choice to settle mid meal cravings.

Bored of the same old snacks? Why not try something totally different?

Pure Cheese Crackers are surprisingly versatile enabling you to unleash your culinary creativity.

You can crunch them up on tacos and salads, dip them in sauces and cover them with pepperoni slices or tuna spread, there are endless combinations for you to discover and savour.

Environmental responsibility

We only use 100% recyclable LDPE packaging for our crackers, paper labels & recyclable cardboard boxes for sending your orders.

We use British Cheddar from RSPCA approved & Red Tractor accredited farms and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by utilising modern efficient process which reduce waste while taking into consideration our environmental impact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Allan Finch
Feedback Monarch crisps crackers bundle

The crisps and crackers are delicious, however I have submitted a 3* rating as the packs of crackers arrived broken and literally they were a bag of crumbs, which was disappointing as I was serving with hummus and pate.
The crisps however fared better and remained whole. They are expensive for what you get but nevertheless they are delicious.

Janet Lees
Fabulously scrummy

I love these crisps and crackers. My favourites are the cheddar ones, but all of them are divine. The bonus, if even needed, is that they are low carb, high protein and still taste amazing!

S-j H
Diabetics Joy!

...and there's not been a lot of food joy.... but all thats changed. Superbly tasty snacks, excellent customer service! Can't recommend highly enough!

Simon Stevenson
Expensive, but well worth it.

Incredibly tasty, super crisp and delicious.

Denise Ansty

They are very tasty and rich flavour of cheese would recommend