• Crisps made entirely from Cheddar

  • Satisfy your keto snack cravings!

Crisps made entirely from Cheddar

Satisfy your keto snack cravings! SHOP CRISPS

The crunch you've been missing

Pure Cheese Crisps are made entirely from tangy mature British Cheddar and organic spices, baked by hand in Warwickshire.

With less than 2g of carbs per packet, say goodbye to carb counting and hello to guilt free snacking!

What our customers say:

THE most delicious cheese crisps on the market!

These knock Cheesies out of the park… better in every way.. taste, quality and value and fabulous customer service!

I think I’ve bought well over 100 packets all togther now I’m that hooked (and I’m a real cheese connoisseur!).
Hats off to this fantastic brand and their delicious crisps!

Joanne Bunker

The tastiest snack - no carbs, no pufas

These are just the best crisps ever, tasty melt in the mouth, high quality product. As a Keto/paleo dieter these are just the absolute treat on a weekend - only 140 cals.

Can’t rate them highly enough - had a panic when they went out of production - these do not disappoint.

Cathy Shilling

Bites of deliciousness

I absolutely love these crunchy cheesy snacks, absolutely no nasty ingredients, 100% keto, low carb, paleo, vegetarian friendly.

They are an absolutely fantastic replacement for crisps/nachos etc.. delicious on their own or with a dip, as a type of toast replacement to hold delicious filling. Your imagination is the limit!

Florence Mpoyo Fisher

Pure Cheese Crisps with Organic Chilli & Herbs


Pure Cheese Crisps - Tangy Mature Cheddar


Pure Cheese Crisps with Organic Garlic & Oregano


Pure Cheese Crisps with Organic Onion & Thyme


More customer reviews

Gorgeous product

Absolutely love these cheese crisps, so tasty and convenient to grab and go! Fab macros for keto/low carb lifestyle.

Have bought a couple of times and I would definitely recommend.
Customer service is amazing super quick responses. Great company!

Emma Louise Haslam

Delish and ideal for keto /low carb diet

Amazing products ideal for keto. Made with real ingredients and the customer service is second to none.

Really pleased and will be purchasing again. So delicious and very moreish.


Absolutely rate these !

Absolutely rate these!! Full of flavour, lovely and crisp and not greasy at all. Attention to detail with quality and packaging etc. Ordering process is effortless and super fast delivery too.

Slightly pricey, but then can not complain at all in relation to the product itself.

Miss Kelly Hughes
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