Pure Cheese Crisps, delicious keto snacks made entirely from extra mature Cornish cheddar, baked by hand in Warwickshire.
Monarchs are the kings of low carb crisps. With award winning moreish flavours, flawless macros and a crunchiness that is utterly addictive you can definitely say that Pure Cheese Crisps are fit for a king!
Monarchs Crisps Ltd. is owned by its founders, Alex and Greg, two former JLR engineers that switched to a low carb lifestyle. Frustrated by the lack of crunchy savoury snacks they decided to invent a product that would help other carb counters go through the same journey, but without snackrifices.
Our packets are meant to be individual servings and we suggest enjoying them immediately after opening. Opening them too long before you eat them can affect the texture and we want you to enjoy them at their best!
Our snacks are delivered with at 3 months guaranteed shelf life or more.
Our pouches are made from LDPE and are 100% recyclable, you will need to check with your local authority to ensure it is recycled in your area.
Monarchs Crisps are made by hand in small batches by oven baking Cornish Cheddar into delicious, crunchy crisps, right here in the UK.
Monarchs Crisps are available at specialist retailers across the UK or online through our own website and our curated list of official stockists which you can check out by visiting our Stockists page.
Yes, entirely! Our Tangy Mature Cheddar Pure Cheese Crisps are made from one ingredient, which is 100% British Cheddar, no potatoes and no grains. And for our range of flavours we only add certified organic herbs and spices.
Each 32g packet has at least 6 Pure Cheese Crisps inside.
Monarchs Crisps are low carb with less than 3g of carbs (varies by flavour between 0.8g - 2.1g) per packet making them perfect for those on a low carb or Keto diet.
Zero sugar (0g per packet). Our cheese crisps are naturally sugar free and we do not add any sugars or sweeteners.
Monarchs Crisps are keto friendly due to their high protein and low carb nutritional profile. They are 50% protein, 34% fat and 3% carbs.
Monarchs Crisps are zero sugar snacks with a low glycaemic index made entirely from natural ingredients. They are MSG and gluten free and are suitable for many lifestyles and diets.
Yes, our product is certified gluten free. Cheese is naturally gluten free and Monarchs Crisps don’t contain any gluten in any of the ingredients.
Yes. Monarchs Crisps are vegetarian friendly (our cheese is made with vegetarian rennet).
Yes. Our cheese is made from halal whey (we use vegetarian rennet).
No, but we only use certified organic spices.
Monarchs Crisps are not vegan. As a 100% cheese snack, they contain dairy.
As we are made with 100% cheese, we are not dairy free.
Monarchs Crisps do contain milk and are free from other allergens.
Our Cheddar comes from the Cornish award winning Taw Valley Creamery.
One packet of Monarchs Crisps is 5 SmartPoints. Check out the Weightwatchers website for details.
Varies by flavour, but range from 7-8 Syns per packet. Check out the Slimming World website for details.
We always encourage the community to get in touch with opportunities by emailing contact@monarchscrisps.co.uk. We are looking forward to exploring opportunities to donate or partner.
Send us your info through our Social Handles or contact@monarchscrisps.co.uk and we’ll be in contact should there be an opportunity to partner.
contact@monarchscrisps.co.uk and we will be sure someone gets in touch should there be an opportunity to partner.
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