Introducing our new recyclable packaging

Introducing our new recyclable packaging

Being an eco-friendly business is one of our core values, here at Monarchs we believe a good product does not have to cost the planet and we are always seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact.

From responsibly sourced ingredients to using highly efficient processes that reduce waste we are always keen to take the green initiative.

And today we are proud to announce that we have taken another large step towards becoming a carbon neutral company.


Our packaging is now 100% recyclable.



Thanks to the latest advancements in film manufacturing we were able to switch to a LDPE pouch with a EVOH layer that creates an excellent barrier to oxygen and moisture keeps the product fresh.



You can check with your Local Authority to ensure that LDPE it is recycled in your area. This is a hard flexible plastic.

You can recycle this plastic if your Local Authority mentions:

  • Bread bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Squeezable bottles i.e hand cream tubes
  • Bubble wrap – if specifically mentioned
  • Carrier bags that can be stretched – Local authorities often don’t collect carrier bags, but can be recycled in local supermarkets

LDPE can be recycled into bin liners and other products.

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